Tony Newman

tony newman3Richard Anthony “Tony” Newman

(born 17 March 1943)

Tony Newman was Bolans’ drummerSwans bird graphics between 1976 – 1977. He was at various times a member of the bands Sounds Incorporated, May Blitz, Three Man Army, and Boxer, plus has also worked with Jeff Beck, David Bowie, Donovan, Mick Ronson, Gene Vincent, Crystal Gayle, The Everly Brothers and Smashers amongst others. At one time, Sounds Incorporated fronted for The Beatles.

He played on Donovan’s Swans bird graphics“Barabajagal” (1968), as well as on Jeff Beck’s Beck-Ola (1969). For David Bowie, he performed on the Diamond Dogs album in 1974, and live with Bowie on his subsequent North American tour, including a recording at the Tower Philadelphia released as David Live. Newman was one of the featured drummers on the soundtrack to the film version of The Who’s ‘Tommy’.

Tony says of his time with T. Rex..

“I thought Marc was a great musician.Swans bird graphics He had a good groove, was a really good guitarist. I enjoyed working with Marc and Gloria. Gloria was always uplifting, and good fun. Herbie and I had been buddies for a long time.He (Herbie) put in his notice with T.REX just before Marc died. But Herbie always had his notice in some place or tony newman2other so I took it all with a pinch of salt. Personally, I had no intention of leaving. I enjoyed it too much. I got on great Swans bird graphicswith everyone at T.REX. We all had our little trips that we’d get into. I have some great memories of the Marc shows. Great , great fun. I don’t remember a bad show. Marc had wonderful charisma. The funniest moment I remember with Marc was him falling off the stage (pissed) on the TV show after his duet with David. Ha Ha- that was funny.

tony newman1Did Marc and David Swans bird graphicsactually perform a full song? Well Marc was really upset that one take hadn’t been video taped And just so you know, yes Marc and David DID perform a full song.”

Extrapolated from an “Interview with Tony Newman ( T.Rex Drummer 76/77)”

(conducted by Friendly Bolan Fan John Wass based on questions from the Till Dawn & T.rex Lists

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