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The most iconic band ofSwans bird graphics the U.K. glam rock scene of the ’70s,T. Rex  were the creation of Marc, who started out as a cheerfully addled acolyte of psychedelia and folk-rock until he turned to swaggering rock & roll with boogie rhythm and a tricked-up fashion sense. For a couple years, T. Rex were the biggest band in England and a potent cult

Photo of Mickey FINN and T REX and Steve CURRIE and Bill LEGEND

item in the United States.Swans bird graphics If their stardom didn’t last, their influence did, and T. Rex’s dirty but playful attitude and Bolan’s sense of style and rock star moves would show their influence in metal, punk, new wave, and alternative rock; it’s all but impossible to imagine the ’80s new romantic scene existing without Bolan’s influence.

Over the period Tyrannosaurus Rex and T. Rex had a number of musicians support Bolan, both long term and short term.

Swans bird graphics

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