Dino Dines

dino1Dino Dines (born Peter Leslie Dines, 17 December 1944,

Hertford, Hertfordshire

Played Keyboards with T. Rex 1974 – 1977

Best known forSwans bird graphics his work with T. Rex playing Keyboards 1973/4-77. One of the Long Time T.Rex members and has been “critically” acclaimed as the ..Man.. that helped bring Marc’s magic to the stage.

dino 1976Din0 was a member Swans bird graphicsof Apostolic Intervention alongside future Humble Pie/Syd Barrett drummer Jerry Shirley. Their song (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me´ was donated by future Humble Pie frontman Steve Marriott. Later, Dines played in the Keef Hartley band, fronted by his future T. Rex bandmate Miller Anderson. During Dines’ time in the band, they released the albums Halfbreed and The Battle of North West Six. Dines later returned for the album Overdog.

Dines joined T. Swans bird graphicsRex in mid 1974 and remained until the band disbanded in 1977 due todino2 1976 leader Marc’s death in a car accident. During his time in the band, the group recorded and released the albums Bolan’s Zip Gun, Futuristic Dragon and Dandy in the Underworld, as well as the UK Top 15 hit singles New York City and I Love To Boogie. Dines performed with the band extensively on the TV show Supersonic as well as Bolan’s own show “Marc”.

Dino died of a heart attack in 2004 aged 59

Swans bird graphics

Bolan World



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