Notable others

The following is an incomplete list of Marc’s friends, aquaintences etc,. Please feel free to suggest additional  entries

Alice Cooper Marc joined some Alice sessions at Morgan Studios, London (Nov-72) and played guitar on Hello Hooray & Slick Black Limousine.Swans bird graphics

Keith Altham – Marcs’ Publicist between1972-and’77

Miller Anderson – With T.Rex Band, second guitarist 1976  77

Derek Block -Promoted 19 76 tour and was a  former acquaintence of Marc from his Stamford Hill  days

David Bowie – Marc played guitar on 1970 single The Prettiest Star. Several Swans bird graphicscollaborations from 1977  including the Marc Shows etc.

Mickey (Marmalade) Gray – Band roadie from 1971-’76. Mickey continues to help with recent “Legit” projects offering up first hand  accounts with Marc.

John Cambridge – Drummer. A brief involvement in the tongue-in-cheek  outfit Dib Cochran & The Earwigs (with whom he recorded the track Oh Baby sometime in 1970)

Sandy Campell – Receptionist at #69 Bond Street (during the Rextasy years) 1973/1974.

Peter Carroll – Solicitor and Landlord at Doughty Street.Swans bird graphics

Howie Casey – Sax Player on the “TRUCK ON” tour January 1974.

Pete Conlon – Marc’s “Minder” -semi Personal assistant- during 1973/74

Nick Laird Cowens-A Personal friend as well Marc sang on his band’s album (Alfalpha) and even had them on the Marc Shows ( Alphapha also did vocals on “Dandy in the Underworld” album)

Lois Cuttner -Solicitor until 1977, for legal reasons not mentioned in Marc’s Missing Millions”!!!!Chanell 4’s 2003 TV  Documentery.Swans bird graphics

Nodge Davis – Sound Engineer on 74 US tour.Quit halfway through  because of Marcs attitude and drunkeness.

Dino Dines –  T.Rex Keyboards 1973/4-77. and friend of Marc’s. One of the Long Time T.Rex members and has been “critically” acclaimed as the Man that helped bring Marc’s magic to the stage. Dino died Jan 04′ He is survived by Two sons, both musicians-

Donovan– Lots of “rumours” circulate about Marc and Donovan’s sessions. In  an interview done with Steve Currie by Steve Dixon for the “Tribute” Book.  Steve says  “I remember doing some sessions with Donovan in Munich, Marc was semi-producing, semi-advising, he was in the studio every two minutes telling Donovan what to play and how to play it”

Jim Economides – Producer of Decca material, 1965-6Swans bird graphics

B.P. Fallon – Publicist and media guru to Led Zeppelin, T.Rex and Tone Loc, Fallon claims on his site he is “Purple browed Beep” in the T.Rex hit Telegram Sam. (“Purple Pie Pete” ?)

Harry Feld – Bolan’s Older brother (Feld legal name). Active recently(along with some cousins) in keeping Marc’s Legacy alive.



Jack Green– T.Rex second guitarist 73-74. Born Mar 12,1951 in Glasgow, Scotland

Eric Hall – Poseur & Frog with gift of the gab. Longtime friendSwans bird graphics

Pat (Sister) Hall – Backing vocals 73-74 “The Cosmic Choir”. Marc produced unreleased solo project. Edsel Records released the unfinished outakes.

Dominique (Freddy) Hannson – Engineer on the “Tanx” LP sessions.

Steve Harley – Cockney Rebel lead singer. Co-writer (with Marc) of Madman (?). Marc play’s guitar on Harley’s Amerika the Brave.

Bob Harris – BBC announcer who fronted several sessions/interviews. Marc sang jingle for his show “Bob’s On (circa 1971)Swans bird graphics

Mary Hopkins – Welsh singer & ex-wife of Tony Visconti. Sings on 1971 demo’s of Cadilac & Truck On (Tyke). Had a worldwide hit with her recording “Those Were the Days”

Tony Howard – Manager and friend 1972-77

Elton John – Piano on the Born To Boogie film. Wrote song “Wanna be a Teenage Idol” as a nod to Marc

Richard Jones – Brother of Gloria. Several recording sessions for Marc’s company “Wizard” between Nov ‘1973 & Aug 1976.Swans bird graphics

Lonnie Jorden – Piano player during the “Zinc Alloy” sessions, played the beautiful piano break on “Teenage Dream” 1974

David Katz – Conducted orchestra on the “Slider” LP 1972

John Kosh – Cover designer: Tanx, Zinc Alloy, Bolan’s Zip Gun.

Mike Leander – Musical director of Marc’s Decca sessions (1966).

Steve Little  – Roadie and friend of MOH 1972-74.Swans bird graphics

John Loydd – Owner of Alcazura who supplied Marcs stage cloths 71-74 John killed himself by setting fire to himself!.

Davey Lutton – T.Rex drummer 1974-76.

Jeff Lynne –  ELO leader. Marc played dual lead guitar with Jeff on Ma Ma Ma Belle (April-73).

Ian MacDonald – Sax player on “Get It On”/ E.W.

Reinhold Mack – Engineer at Musicland sessions (Munich).Swans bird graphics

Brian Mathew – BBC announcer (TOTP radio etc.) Fronted several sessions/interviews.

Donald McCullin – Marc’s Photographer for the “Town” magazine.

Joe Meek –  Produced Marc’s first session “Mrs Jones”.

Tony Newman – T.Rex Band -Drummer-1977

Mick O’Halloran – Band roadie.Swans bird graphics

Alphi O’ Leary – Marc’s chauffeur. Sang some back up on the “It’s a T.Rexmas” clip

Bobbye Hall Porter – American female percussionist: on several recordings 1974-76.

Mike Pruskin – Manager, flatmate – 1965-66.

Zandra Rhodes – fashion designer who created a set of stage costumes for Marc in late 1972.

Pete Sanders – Photos: Prophets, Unicorn, BOS, T.RexSwans bird graphics

Captain Sensible – Guitarist for the Damned who toured with T.Rex

Ray Stevenson –  Caputured Marc at a most pivitol time 1968 as well as the first photographs of Tyrannosaurus Rex as a band

Tony Secunda – Manager, 1970-72. Tony was a successful manager, starting in the 60’s with the Move, and enabled Marc to get the lucrative deals with EMI and Reprise etc. He died in the late 90’s

Tyrone Scott, Second keyboardist and backing vocals for T.Rex on the Futuristic Dragon tour 1976 along with Gloria. Also appeared in the 1967 cast of the L.A. production of “Hair”.Swans bird graphics

Tony Smith – With his father John, promoted Marc in Uk from 1970 to ’77 with the exception of 1976. Today manages Genesis, Phil Collins and Mike and Mechanics.

Ringo Starr, Produced the “Born To Boogie” film. Marc plays session guitar on the “Ringo” LP, Recently Ringo has said in an interview that “Back off Boogaloo” was written as a nod to a Slang word of Marc’s. Ringo is credited on the Slider LP as taking the cover Photo though the truth has come out from Tony Visconti that he indeed took the picture but Marc thought it would look better having Ringo listed.**Update 05’** After years of legalities B.T.B was released on DVD May 16th 05’with Five Hours of pure Magic (included is the Afternoon show as well)

Eve Slator –Secretary to Tony Howard.

Stephanie Spruill – Background vocals for T.Rex 1973 tour Along with Gloria, she provided vocals for Big Carrot which produced one single “Blackjack”/”Squint Eye Mangle” on EMI in 1973 written and produced by Marc.Swans bird graphics

Gary Stromberg  – PR man to the stars who represented Marc in U.S.A. 1971-73′

Mike Stavrous – Studio engineer – originally employed at Scorpio Studios in London and then at AIR Studios. Worked with Marc from 1975 onwards. Later went on to produce the second Siouxsie And The Banshees album ‘Join Hands’ as well as engineer their cover version of Marc’s “20th Century Boy”.

Ian Taylor – In House Accountant to Wizard Label.

John Temple – Marc did modeling work for Temple in 1964 -highlighted in ” Styles to suit you, Suits to Style you” Brochure.Swans bird graphics

Chris Townson – John’s Children drummer.

Ike & Tina Turner – Marc plays guitar on Sexy Ida pt 2.

Gary Ulmer – MRI (Hollywood) engineer: 1974-76 recordings.

George Underwood – Artist: MPWF, Futuristic Dragon LP’s.

Tim Van Rillim – Producer of the Film “Born To Boogie” based around The T.Rex concert at Whembley during the Hieght of “Bolanmania”Swans bird graphics

Neil Warnock – Agent to T Rex after Tony Howard became Manager, today the biggest Agent in Europe if not the World.

Dave Eager (radio 1 DJ and compare) friend of Marc’s from 1972-1977 based in Manchester and Marc’s main contact for the North

Rick Wakeman – Piano on Dib Cochran single and E.W.

Michael Wale – Writer, wrote articles on Marc and in 1972 did an extensive interview for the Vox Pop Book.Swans bird graphics

David Wedgbury Marc came into contact with many photographers but David Wedgbury took the early publicity photographs for Decca (1965)which helped get Marc X-posure

Roy Wood – Friend and former member of Move, ELO & Wizzard. Performs home duet session with Marc, circa 1975. Much sought after and great to hear Marc speaking so openly about music and his influences

Murial Young, Was an advocate in getting Marc his shows “MARC” on Granada Television. Muriel Young died 23/3/01 in Newcastle aged 77

Swans bird graphics

Bolan World

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  1. Dave Eager (radio 1 DJ and compare) friend of Marc’s from 1972-1977 based in Manchester and Marc’s main contact for the North.

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