fin6Mickey Finn or occasionally Micky Finn

(born Michael Norman Finn)

3 June 1947, Thornton Heath, Surrey, England

(died 11 January 2003, Croydon, Surrey),

Mickey was the percussionist and Swans bird graphicssideman to Marc in his band Tyrannosaurus Rex (on one album, A Beard of Stars), and later, the 1970s  T.Rex. Often confused with other fin7musicians by the same name, Michael Norman Finn (apart from T. Rex)Swans bird graphics only toured as a sideman in the 1960s with Hapshash and the Coloured Coat. After Bolan and T.Rex’s demise, he worked as a session musician for The Blow Monkeys and The Soup Dragons.

mmm2After Mickey joined the band in late 1969, it was rumored that Bolan hired Finn for his good looks, and because he admired his motorcycle, rather than for his musical ability. Finn was unable to recreate the complex rhythmical patterns of his predecessor, Steve Peregrin Took, and was effectively hired as much for a visual foil for Bolan as for his drumming. The BBC news commented on this, saying “Marc Bolan was supposed to have said of Finn: ‘He can’t sing… but he looks superb.”Swans bird graphics

Mickey Finn stated, on a Swans bird graphicsRadio show in Denmark that he and Marc Bolan weremmm16 appearing on as guest DJs, that his big influence in percussion was the prolific Master Henry Gibson from Curtis Mayfield’s band. In the early 1970s, Finn’s contribution as bongocerro, backing vocalist, and, occasionally, bass guitarist, to Bolan’s music was essential, because Tyrannosaurus Rex and T. Rex started off as a duo and Marc needed a replacement for Steve Peregrin Took. Something of a character both on and off stage, Finn was often to be seen wearing a hat (including a green bowler), a trademark that was adopted by a significant proportion of T. Rex fansSwans bird graphics.

However, due to T. Rex’s sound becoming more and more electric-influenced, and the presence of a ‘proper’ drummer, Bill Legend, Mickey’s bongo playing becamemic10 effectively obsolete, and he left the band after five years.

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mickey made a handful of guest appearances with the West London rock band, Checkpoint Charlie, fronted by Mick Lexington.

Mick returned to theSwans bird graphics mainstream music scene in 1997, fronting a new, controversial version of T. Rex, Mickey Finn’s T. Rex, playing old T. Rex songs until his last days.



Finn died from alcohol-related liver problems, on 11 January 2003, aged 55. His manager, Barry Newby commented that it was likely that Finn’s illness and death were due to liver and kidney problems Swans bird graphicsbut it was not confirmed at the time of the interview

Read Mickeys’ Obituary from The Times and The Independent

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  1. Marc’s success wouldn’t have been so great without Mickey Finn. They where visually well matched, and image is more important than talent in the music world (not suggesting Mickey was without talent, of course). There’s a brilliant picture of the two on the vinyl LP of Electric Warrior. I’m glad I was a teenager at the peak of T.Rex and still play their records today.

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