Steve’s Fender Slab P Bass


T.REX Steve Currie 1966 Fender Slab Precision Bass.



Slab P Bass ’67 similar to Steves’ but with tortoise shell pickguard.




BODY: Ash.

NECK: Maple

F/BOARD: Maple cap..

It is a very rare Fender 1966 Slab Bodied Precision bass, only between 25-35 made and for UK export only. A lot of the star bass players of the late 60’s, early 70’s had one. Players included John Entwhistle of the Who, John Springate of the Glitter Band and of course Steve Currie. We know the whole history of this bass right back to Steve’s untimely and tragic death in a road accident in Portugal on 28th April 1981.

He joined T. Rex (recently renamed from Tyrannosaurus Rex) as bass guitarist in late 1970 (although the band were still listed as a duo) and continued to play with them until late 1976. He appeared (and used this bass mainly) on all of Bolan’s most memorable hit singles from Ride A White Swan (1970) to Laser Love (1976), as well as the albums Electric Warrior (1971) to Dandy In The Underworld (1977).

His innovative and, for the time, sophisticated bass playing can be seen to good effect (using a different bass) in the movie Born to Boogie. After leaving T.Rex he went into session work, working for the likes of Chris “Motorbikin'” Spedding. He also had the extra Guild pick up installed after leaving T.Rex.

Through research thoroughly conducted by Barry Matthews, who over the years has identified, located and inspected many of the extant “slab-bodied” Precisions, has shown that these bodies were probably produced by Fender in a 25-unit batch, which was the minimum batch number for a specific version of a Fender model. All these bodies were probably produced between April and May 1966.

At least 17 of these basses were actually shipped to the United Kingdom. All of them featured a “maple-cap” neck, taken from the regular production line of the Precision model, with C width and production dates ranging from August 1965 to October 1966.