Steve Curry


cur9Steve Currie (19 May 1947 – 28 April 1981)

born in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England.

He was best known as the bass player and long term member of rock band T.Rex

After a few years working as a shipping clerk on the docks his first musical Swans bird graphicsforay was in local jazz rock band “The Rumble Band”. He joined T.Rex (recently renamed from Tyrannosaurus Rex) as bass guitarist in late 1970 (although the band were still listed as a duo) cur1and continued to play with them until late 1976.

He appeared on all of Bolan’s most memorable hit singles from “Ride a White Swan” (1970) to “Laser Love” (1976), as well as the albums Electric Warrior (1971) to Dandy in the Underworld Swans bird graphics(1977). His innovative and, for the time, sophisticated bass playing can be seen to good effect in the movie Born to Boogiecur5.

After leaving T.Rex he went into session work, working for the likes of Chris “Motorbikin'” Spedding.

He died in a car crash on 28 April 1981, whilst returning to his home near Vale de Parra, Algarve, Portugal. His death came less than four years after  Marc had died inSwans bird graphics a car crash.

Steve’s Fender P Slab bass >>


Swans bird graphics

Bolan World




      1. As I recall , I swapped a Damien hurst snowblind book , and cash for the bass , I have all the provenance, as it was used in loads of videos , when he was killed he was driving high on cocaine
        And it was at dusk , he was in his car but didn’t put on his headlights , and then a lorry took the car out as the bass was left with his quite famous girls friend ,that he lived with in Portugal,
        she had it sold via a family member to a dealer , I do have the names but not to hand ,
        Steve also had the pick ups changed when he played with Chris Spedding

  1. Pleasure, I also have two others a burns bass , with original pics of Marc playing and his custom telecaster I bought from christies as used at the Weely festival and on hot love ❤️ top of the pop video

  2. Hi, the best source on the Fender Slab Bass is The Mighty Hybrid & The Keeper Of The Slabs, by Barrie Millership-Midford. He is the musician whose order for a Telecaster Bass from his local Watford music shop back in 1966 led to a one-off commission from Fender. The bass, when it arrived, was the first slab bodied Precision, in white with a tortoise shell pickguard and an amazing pick up. It created a stir in Arbiter’s among the bass clientele before it got delivered to Barrie in Watford. This interest caused Arbiter to order 2 dozen more, which duly arrived.

    Barry Mathews’ book gets nearly everything wrong and is utterly discredited.

    1. strange as he was respected by many in the trade , anyway i am very near to watford , happy for the TREX bass to be subject to another viewing

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