Bolan Boogie Album Comp.

BolanBoogieBolan Boogie

Bolan Boogie is a compilation album by T. Rex. After Marc had left Fly Records to form his own label distributed through EMI/T. Rex Wax Co, his former label released this “best of” compilation in 1972 with recent single A- and B-sides, many of which had not appeared on previous albums. Also included are songs from the early Tyrannosaurus Rex albums.


Bolan Boogie was released in April 1972 by record label Fly. It reached number 1 in the UK Albums Chart

Side 1

1. “Get It On” (single A-side; from Electric Warrior) 4:25

2. “Beltane Walk” (from T. Rex) 2:20

3. “The King of the Mountain Cometh” (single B-side of “Hot Love”) 3:48

4. “Jewel” (from T. Rex) 2:48

5. “She Was Born to Be My Unicorn” (from Unicorn) 2:32

6. “Dove” (from A Beard of Stars) 2:02

7. “Woodland Rock” (single B-side of “Hot Love”) 2:25

8. “Ride a White Swan” (single A-side)

Side 2

1. “Raw Ramp” (single B-side of “Get It On”) 5:13

2. “Jeepster” (single A-side; from Electric Warrior) 4:08

3. “Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart” (from A Beard of Stars) 2:41

4. “By the Light of a Magical Moon” (single A-side; from A Beard of Stars) 2:46

5. “Summertime Blues” (single B-side of “Ride a White Swan”) 2:40

6. “Hot Love” (single A-side)