A Beard of Stars

This is the fourth albumSwans bird graphics by Tyrannosaurus Rex, comprising Marc (vocals, guitar, organ, bass) and the first with new partner Mickey Finn (percussion). It was released in March 1970. It is notable for the beginning of Bolan using electric instruments on the T.Rex albums.

Track listing


– Marc Bolan / vocals, guitar, organ, bass
– Mickey Finn / backing vocals, Moroccan clay drums, table, bass, finger cymbals

Releases information

LP Regal Zonophone SLRZ-1013 (1970) UK Swans bird graphics
CD A&M 541-003-2 (1998) EU
CD A&M 982-251-2 (2004) EU
LP Sierra FEDB-5035 UK

All songs written and composed by Marc Bolan.

  1. Prelude
  2. A Daye Laye
  3. Woodland Bop
  4. Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart
  5. Pavillions of Sun
  6. Organ Blues
  7. By the Light of a Magical Moon
  8. Wind Cheetah
  9. A Beard of Stars
  10. Great Horse
  11. Dragon’s Ear
  12. Lofty Skies
  13. Dove Swans bird graphics

Swans bird graphics


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