Davy Lutton

William David Lutton

b. 1946

Belfastdavy lutton

Joined T Rex as a drummer in 1973 and remained with the band until autumn 1976.

Prior to joiningSwans bird graphics T Rex he had featured in the Northern Ireland band Eire Apparent which released an album. Eire Apparent was a band from Northern Ireland, noted for launching the careers of Henry McCullough and Ernie Graham, and for having Jimi Hendrix play on, and produce, their only album “History”

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Swans bird graphicsWilliam Lutton Swans bird graphicsand Eire Apparent have a couple of interesting historic links with Bolan. Eire Apparent were briefly signed to Track Records around 1967 after moving to London and in April 1969 they recorded the band’s only Peel Session and toured Europe in April 1969. Good chance that Lutton and Bolan may have had casual acquaintance?


Davy Lutton played with Heavy Jelly in 1970, Ellis (1972-73), Marc Bolan (1974-76) Along with Steve Currie and Tony Newman, Davy features on the 1979 Chris Spedding album Guitar Graffiti. ) He later joined the USA based group Trance Mission in the early 1980’s. Davey plays drums on three of the Dandy tracks.

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